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Why an officiant?

You want to relax and fully participate your big day, so you need a Master of Ceremonies who knows you and your celebration, and who keeps the “show” rolling along.

But you want your occasion to be the center of attention, not the MC. That’s why you have an officiant.

Your officiant helps you tell the story of your special celebration .

After the ceremony, the officiant makes sure any paperwork is taken care of in a professional and timely manner.

What is the milestone you’re celebrating?

Naming Ceremony  (newborn, adoption, transition)…

Coming-of-age ceremony…


Significant birthday or anniversary…

Celebration of a significant change in life… (return from active duty or leaving military service, new citizenship, retirement)

Funeral…  Celebration of life… Wake… Remembrance…

Why a civil officiant?

You want your celebration to be dignified and culturally acceptable to you, and you don’t want to have the occasion take place in a church, temple, or mosque.

You have ideas for how you want the ceremony to be and you choose to have it officiated by someone who respects you and follows through on your wishes.

You want a professional who takes the time to understand who you are and what is important to you, and who will help make your special occasion reflect how you feel about it.    

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How can Dani help us with out celebration?

She’ll help you craft the script and choreograph the flow of your ceremony, from quietly modest to wildly creative.

She can help you find ways to include a variety of family and cultural traditions by blending differences or creating something totally new.

Dani will officiate the ceremony so you can enjoy the people and the occasion without worry about details.

Dani will follow up to make sure any  paperwork is taken care of in a professional, timely way.

Life is short, we should celebrate together more often. Let Dani help you with the details of your ceremony on your special day.

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Here’s a link to a page about celebrations and ceremonies and why they are important.

Why Dani Became an Officiant

Her resume includes a degree in philosophy and international studies. She geeks out about the meanings of the words and actions.

She is a firm believer in leaving the world better than how we found it. Being a civil officiant gives her the opportunity to do that for other people by making sure their important moments in life are celebrated in respectful, joyous ways.

She helps make sure your voice is heard by working with you to create a unique plan for your ceremony.

She also takes seriously the worry of making sure the details are taken care of so you can be free to fully participate in your important occasion.

The Role of Your Officiant

On the face of it, your officiant is like a Master of Ceremonies, working to keep the “show” rolling along on schedule.

Your officiant should also help you tell the story of your special occasion.

After the ceremony, the officiant makes sure the legal paperwork is taken care of in a professional and timely manner.