A civil wedding officiant performs your marriage ceremony for you and declares you married and makes sure the paperwork is taken care of afterword.  That is the job in a nutshell.

I’m here to help you make sure your marriage ceremony runs as smoothly as possible so you can thoroughly enjoy your wedding day. What makes me different is the level of respect i have for your uniqueness and the ceremony you would like to have.

It’s going to be your wedding. You can:

  • Make the ceremony creative or simple.
  • Craft the words yourself
  • Choreograph the flow of the ceremony
  • Express your sentiments directly or poetically
  • Include family or cultural traditions or create something totally new

Let your ceremony be a true reflection of your feelings for each other.

If a couple has decided to marry, we should all celebrate!

My goal is to understand you and help you realize your vision of the perfect wedding and not make you fit your hopes and dreams into some pre-defined notion of what a perfect wedding looks like. Fill out the form to tell me more about yourself and what you would like to do at your wedding.


Why I Became an Officiant

I recently remarried. In planning our wedding, we had a hard time finding someone who would marry us as we wished to be married.

I wanted to hone and polish every word and every line in the ceremony until the whole thing sparkled. I graduated with a degree in philosophy, so I geek out about the meanings of the words we say.

My dear Love is an agreeable sort and went along with my wishes as long as he got to say the vow he wanted to say in his own words. Also, he is decidedly nonreligious. He proclaims himself to be rabidly anti-religious, actually, and he asked that his views be respected in our ceremony.

You’d think that would be an officiant’s dream: walk in, go through the prepared script, and voila, everyone goes home happy. Easy peasy, right?

Well, let me tell you: that was not what happened. In the end, not one single word I wrote made it into the ceremony and we had prayers to start and to finish.

I know our love is bigger than one single ceremony. Yet, I was appalled that our officiant came in and defined for us how we would be married.

Based on all the research I did and with the glorious realization that I had finally found an employment niche for my philosophy degree, I decided to hang out my shingle as a professional wedding officiant!

The Role of Your Officiant

On the face of it, your officiant is like a Master of Ceremonies, keeping things rolling and on schedule. Someone you can depend on to help you tell the story of your love and the joining of your lives.

Your officiant is also there to solemnize your marriage – that’s the “I now pronounce you” part.

Finally, the officiant makes sure the marriage certificate is done correctly and filed with the registrar of deeds within 3 days of the marriage.